Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Why Give Wednesday

The importance of Cancer Research

The UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center is internationally recognized as a leader in the field of cancer research. Cancer research is what changes the face of cancer, and UAB is able to offer resources and expertise to conduct high-level, innovative research right here in our community. UAB strives for advancements in cancer research, which requires time, money, experts, hard work and support from those passionate about fighting the disease. The Cancer Center has seven research programs that are organized into three main areas: basic science, translational science, and cancer prevention and control.
           The American Association for Cancer Research acknowledges May as National Cancer Research month. You can help by donating to recognize and promote high-quality, innovative cancer research. At UAB, your financial support would go toward:

  • advancing the understanding of cancer

  • prevention

  • improved detection

  • treatment

  • survivorship

 Thanks to the support of our community, the UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center is at the forefront of improving cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment, and researchers here have pioneered advances in chemotherapy, surgery, radiotherapy, immunotherapy, and nutrition, among others. We appreciate every donation, as each moves us one step closer to achieving our goal of eliminating cancer as a major public health problem.
For more information about making a gift toward providing support for innovative programs within the UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center, visit


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

5 Ways to Protect Yourself from Skin Cancer this Summer

5 Ways to Protect Yourself from Skin Cancer this Summer

Summer is all about having fun in the sun. Whether you’re at the beach or the pool this summer, it’s important to stay safe and protect yourself from skin cancer. Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States, and it is our goal to reduce those cases. Experts at the UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center recommend following these tips the next time you’re out in the sun.
1. Stay in the Shade
The sun’s strongest UV light is between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Try visiting the beach during the early morning hours or around sunset. You can test how strong UV light is by looking at your shadow. If your shadow is shorter than you are, the sun’s rays are very strong and you should protect yourself.

2. Wear a Hat
Your face, neck and ears are the most vulnerable places for skin cancer to appear. A hat with a 2 or 3 inch brim is ideal for optimal coverage.

3. Wear Sunglasses
Your eyes can become damaged by UV radiation from the sun. UV radiation can cause cataracts and the development of skin cancer on the eyelid or on the surface of the eye.  Protect your eyes by wearing dark sunglasses that block UV rays.

4. Use Sunscreen
Broad spectrum sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher is the best to use for skin cancer prevention. Sunscreen should be applied liberally to the skin 15-30 minutes prior to going outdoors, and should be reapplied every two hours.

5. Wear Clothing
Covering as much skin as possible is the best way to prevent skin cancer. Clothing that is dry and dark in color is the most protective. If you can see light through a fabric, UV rays can get through and harm your skin.

Don’t forget to visit your doctor and dermatologist annually. If unusual freckles or moles appear, or if you notice any changes with existing freckles or moles, see your doctor as soon as possible. It is important to do a self-check every month. Skin cancer is easy to prevent and is curable if detected early.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Why Give Wednesday

At the UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center, our vision is to eliminate cancer as a major public health problem. If that isn’t reason enough to get you inspired to donate, here’s some motivation:

-Give in honor or memory of a loved one. We find out the impact of this disease when it affects the ones we care about. Financially supporting cancer research is a great way to honor a loved one.
-The UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center has an incredible faculty of 350 physicians and researchers dedicated to being the forefront of improving prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. Your donations help ensure the continuation of their cutting-edge research.
-Every dollar stays here in Birmingham, is tax-deductible, and may be designated for the cancer or research area of your choice, or it can be directed to the center’s Fund for Excellence where it will be used for high-priority needs. 
- One of the nation’s leading cancer research and treatment centers, the UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center is the only NCI-designated comprehensive cancer center located in a six-state area that includes Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, South Carolina, and Georgia.
Lastly, by giving to the UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center you are supporting a greater philanthropic campaign, which is The Campaign for UAB.  The campaign consists of a $1billion goal and maintains the theme of “Give Something, Change Everything.” The hopeful end result is that UAB be one of the most dynamic and productive universities of the 21st century and attain our vision to be an internationally renowned research university — a first choice for education and health care.

For more information about making a gift toward providing support for innovative programs within the UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center, visit