Friday, June 22, 2012

Developing Cutting-Edge Therapies to Offer More Clinical Trials

Did you know that our physicians and scientists at the UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center are on the cutting-edge of breakthrough therapies? This team of more than 350 physician-scientists is committed to developing and discovering the best therapy treatments possible for our cancer patients. In fact, many clinical trials offered at UAB use treatments that were created right here. When you come to our Cancer Center, you're often in the capable hands of the very doctors who developed your specific therapy.

We currently offer more than 120 clinical trials, many of which have led to the approval of cancer drugs, including Erbitux, Avastin, Rituxan, Herceptin, Zevalin and Bexxar. Millions of people benefit from the discovery of these leading-edge monoclonal antibodies. They not only help patients at the UAB Cancer Center, but those in hospitals and cancer centers all over the nation. Although our physicians and scientists have taken great strides in the race against cancer, they continue researching every day to discover new clinical trials that will help cancer patients around the world.

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-Ed Partridge, M.D.

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