Tuesday, February 3, 2015

UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center Magazine – Employee Spotlight

Name:  Pam Alverson

Title:  Program Director, Protocol Review and Monitoring Systems (PRMS) Office

How long have you worked at the Cancer Center?  I have worked at UAB for 27 years.  Of the 27 years, 21 were with the Cancer Center.

Describe a typical day in your job.    My job allows me to interact with current and new investigators and their staff across the UAB campus.   Sometimes I will meet with groups to provide information about the Cancer  Center review processes and other related topics. The Cancer Center has a Clinical Trials Operations Committee (Chaired by Dr. Harry Erba) that meets weekly.  The focus of this meeting is to provide a preliminary review of all cancer-related trials with the focus on trial management resources, funding, prioritization of trials, a look at the science and competing trials to make sure there are no concerns raised at this level.   Logistics-related or any other clinical trial-related business or concerns are handled at this meeting.  Accrual for on-going trials is another charge of this committee.  Preparation related to these topics and follow-up business can be part of any given day. 

 The internal scientific review provided by the Clinical Trials Review Committee (Chaired by Dr. Mansoor Saleh) at the Cancer Center reviews all cancer-related trials.  There is interaction with clinical, statistical, radiology and nursing reviewers.  Cancer Control and Population Sciences protocols and gene therapy protocols are also reviewed by this Committee.  From these meetings, reviews will be written and distributed to the investigators.  All scientific review-related correspondence comes through the PRMS office.   Both of these committees must review and approve a protocol prior to submission to the IRB and ultimately activation.  Attention to making sure the review processes of the Cancer Center are functioning as designed and facilitating these processes to avoid any unnecessary delays in protocol activation is at the top of my list.

What do you enjoy most about working at the Cancer Center?  Some of the main reasons I enjoy what I am doing are because of the people I work with and the nature of my job.   I work with people who are compassionate, intelligent and hard-working.  Whether they are in clinical, laboratory, administrative, regulatory, or clerical positions there seems to be a common focus to make things faster, easier and better for patients.  It is also a privilege to interact with world-class clinicians and scientists.  The people and the science make me proud to be part of the Cancer Center.

Tell us a little about yourself. Family, Hobbies, Interests, etc.  I am married and have a daughter and step son.  They are both married.  My daughter recently had our first grandchild in October, 2013.  Noah is a cute, happy baby who has already developed a sense of humor.  I am Granna.  My parents live close by so I get to see them often.  When not visiting with family, my husband and I enjoy working in our garden.  It is an organic garden, so the past 6 years I have been learning how to grow vegetables and not insects.  I also enjoy watching the wildlife appreciating the garden.  I enjoy most activities outside related to nature and really enjoy trips to the mountains as often as possible.

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